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I foyu are looking for indie use then I would suggest the Canon XL2 for mini DV is is slightly more expensive than the Panasonic, but It offers a lot mor verastility and it has a lot of very nice manual contorl options that Panasonic and Sony do not offer. If you want nice shot, profesional shots then XL2 is the way to go. Check out this video from dvcreators.net, this was not produced by Canon as an ad, but rather is infor from DV Creator’s themselves. Great video that proves that the XL2 has more ot offer than people really know:


and if you want some intese reading, keep in mind that this article is a little bias towards the Panasonic, as it is an article written for DVXuser.com, a panasonic fan site:


They basically always say that the Panasonic is better (surprise surprise DVX user!!!), but they almost always say that the XL2 is a real close second place. And they also are inexperienced users of the camera, so they probably did not do everything as well as they did with the DVX. These were the 2 main things that helped me make the decision to purchase the XL2 over the Panasonic DVX.

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