I forgot to mention someth


I forgot to mention something else. When I asked them if they could use footage from the workout to create other smaller ‘workouts’ (common practice for many exercise videos), and include them as extra options on the disc menu, they told me I could only do 2 that were 30-40 mins in length. I own MANY workouts that have up to 20 of these – on one disc. During the last phases of the editing process, i brought in a video and showed them how many ‘mini’ workout options there were and they seemed shocked at this. They concluded that these mini workouts were not burned onto the disc, but rather parts were ‘taken’ from the original workout and showed in a specific order. They offered no other explanation and basically showed no interest in pursuing the issue any further. I guess if I were them and I didn’t know how to give the customer what they wanted, I would find out how to do it, right?

My question: would it have been unreasonable for me to press the issue with them? Should they have known that this is a possibility? I’m asking this because I didn’t realize it was well within my rights as a customer to ask them to correct the wind noise and I’m wondering if this is basically the same thing here.

Thank you all for sharing your expertise. I just want to be as knowledgeable as possible when I venture into my next project.

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