I forgot t mention… Sony


I forgot t mention… Sony wants 425.00 to upgrade from MS9.

I found a site on the web where i can buy the OEM for around 200 and change. It doesn’t have DVD architect Pro, but with the MS 9.0 version I have DVD architect studio.

Everyone seems to want around 400 for the VegasPro.

Thanks to Birdcat, because I do like the ldea of a good tutor system with the Vegas Pro. I’ve been all over the web now for weeks on end trying to get a better understanding of using the MS 9.0 and it’s been a real pain. Principally, because sites like Utube and others have all kinds of versions mixed in when you try to find a video on how to do something.

I have gone to running the Utube video and having MS9.0 on the other side of the screen and doing a walkthru. Problem is… Utube type videos are pretty lousy to view. I just listen carefully to the step thrus. Regardless, Utube learning… leaves a lot out.

Thansk for the responses

Merry Christmas to all

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