I find this copyright stuf


I find this copyright stuff very fascinating. It still comes down to the fact that it is to hard to enforce effectively. There are just too many people out there. For me, I almost always try and use Smartsound music which is royalty free music. I find that they have everything and plenty of it to use in whatever application or mood I may need it for. I’m not going to say that I never used any copyrighted music in projects either for I have, but it was usually at the request of the client(s). I do try and tell them that that this really is not right but it still always boils down to the enforcement and getting caught or not.

The one thing that I knew about… and it was listed in that DV article was that it’s OK if the person who bought the song via a CD… copies it to his/her MP3 player "once" as a backup. It also threw the term "Fair use" around out there. Now… I see this as making a copy of copyrighted work right? So then I figure, what’s the difference if this person who bought the CD had it copied "ONCE" to a DVD video instead of a MP3 player? That’s why I mentioned in my last post about the client giving you the CD with the music they want on it used. OK, then in that same Q&A area in that DV article, it’s saying that you are just as guilty by copying that when editing. OK, so what if I had the client come over and physically push the button on my PC? Then it could be said that this person (client) who bought the CD made their one copy which it says is alright.

As I already mentioned, I have my view on all of this and I’m not saying that it’s leagal by any means but this whole issue is just one big GREY spot. The BIG movie makers are watched like a hawk while us little movie makers are considered a waste of time to chase.

What does that tell you?

It’s all about BIG money baby! πŸ˜‰


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