“I find myself defending m


“I find myself defending my position against the “industry-standard”


You’re preachin’ to the choir my friend. There was a time Premiere was a ‘low-end’ program, but those days are past. However, I had to listen to this same argument when FCP was coming up against Avid. All ‘industry standard’ means is ‘that which the majority of professionals agree to use’. I guarantee you can still get a fist-fight going between Avid and FCP users if you push the right buttons.

The main advantage both FCP and Avid have over premiere is their integration with dedicated on-line editing setups. Avid and FCP have years and years of experience behind their programs for working with on-line editing arrays.

Adobe has mainly been a ‘single workstation’ minded software producer. Flash has been their primary focus for working in a server based environment. Moving the Creative Suite heavy-hitters like AFX, Premiere and maybe Soundbooth into the on-line environment would be IMO the last step in standing shoulder to shoulder with FCP.

My main beef with FCP has always been it not being cross-platform. Avid and Premiere are and I work with them regularly.

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