I finally got the solution


I finally got the solution to working with AVCHD files in Studio 11 so there is no more hanging. In my case I use a Canon HG10 that produces MTS raw files. I loaded the files in proper order as a new project. Without altering them I rendered them as a hi-def mpg-2 file that I loaded into Studio 11 as a new project. I clicked the Files radio button to extract the scenes (a slow process, but it worked). I now had mpg-2 scenes as if they came from a camcorder. I loaded these scenes as a new project and the editing went very smoothly…no problems with scene trimming, adding titles or adding music. The rendering speed was about twice as fast compared to AVCHD rendering…30 minutes for a 12-minute video. I have a Core 2 Quad processor with 3GB RAM in my PC.

I think Studio 11 has the best editing interface which is why I really like the program. It seems very stable working with mpg-2 but is really useless working with AVCHD.

BTW, in trying to solve this issue, some of the 2D transitions didn’t work with the ATI Radeon card I had in my PC. I replaced it with an nVidia GeForce 8500 card and all the transitions now work.

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