I file by project, then Ih


I file by project, then Ihad a website builton my local server, it is not connected to the WWW, soonly I can access it. Each page decribes in detail what the project is and each page has keywords decribing the content,each page also has all the clips from that project. My main page allows me to do key word searches that will return a short summary of each project and allows me to select pages. thenI click on my view button and it puts all the clips from all the pages i selected on one page. then I select the clipsI want and click on grab and it copies those clips to the folder I work from. It cost me $650 to get this site wrote but it has saved me many hours searching for the clips i need for my current project. I plan to upgrade the site to let me define my search by audio, video and type of files, a short site I didn’t see before.

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