I figured that to be true,


I figured that to be true, but so far have not seemed to be able to interest people in the items I’ve mentioned here and there, in private messages, on the trade/sell forum, or on other forums. I prefer to not go the eBay route as I am simply not knowledgable enough to use it properly or handle how others might use it.

I am soon upgrading to high def with computer, software and cameras. I am not certain yet if I will repurpose the G4 dual 1Ghz & FCP I currently use, or if I will sell it but…

…I am eventually, sooner probably rather than later, going to be offering 1 Canon XL1, 1 Canon GL2, 1 Applied Magic ScreenPlay system, 1 GlideCam V8 stabilizer & vest system and 1 Mac G3 computer for “best offer” provided people understand that “best offer” doesn’t mean garage or junk sale prices/offers. While I am certainly open to offers, I am not so desperate that I’d “give” this stuff away to anyone other than my brother. πŸ™‚

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