I felt that way, too, but

AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

I felt that way, too, but my education was many moons ago. We did nothing but watch the instructor edit our videos. I wrote a class paper for another teacher on a job I’d like to get as an editor for a new cable TV channel that was just starting up. But the teacher gave me low points because he believed that style of shooting and editing was annoying, no one would watch it and it was a fad and wouldn’t last. That cable channel was MTV.

What I did get out of the education was an understanding of equipment usage and the techniques, and an understanding of the phrase “know the rules so you know when to break the rules”. What I also got out of school was the contacts, … the teachers, and my fellow students and even the local TV stations. The students really helped each other out, and many of the teachers were connected to the local video industry.

The advice I would tell others who have just graduated and realized they didn’t have enough real-world skills, was to find the work and offer to do things for free until you could get paid to do it. I did a lot of free work at our local PBS station. Back then, in the 1980s, the gear was outrageously expensive, and we didn’t have access to free software downloads like you have now.

Play around with some trial software and learn everything you can from them. Then look at your local music connections. Bands are always needing to do a music video, but can’t afford to hire a top-rate videographer. Offer to do their video for the cost of dinner and your tapes, for instance. And do this with a few other civic-minded clubs and organizations who want to record their events to build your skills and to develop a good resume tape. Eventually you’ll get the work, but make video your priority. Shoot a lot, join a club, or, like Ken Hull above says, join groups like the 48-Hour Film Project and get connected. Good luck.

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