I feel the same way. On t


I feel the same way. On the plus side, once I get the lighting and sound figured out I should be pretty set because it will just show me talking for the most part. The toughest part will be adding some animation to show how power plant (my field) equipment works, but I can handle the animation, so I’m not worried about that. The camera will generally just be sitting on a tripod without moving it at all.

My other big concern will just be figuring out how to be an entertaining speaker, which is an art all by itself. I’ve appeared at some seminars and conferences, but only a few so I’m hardly a pro at that either.

Good luck to you.

(Also, thanks Hank).

Oh, Hank, by the way, the people in my field will rarely know how to save a streaming video if a "save to your computer" message box doesn’t just pop up in front of them. My field has quite a few older people, many of them are computer-phobes or at least they are not super-geeks. I think I will put our logo on the bottom like you suggest which will probably help quite a bit, but I want to make it is a little more difficult to save as well. Just adding an extra step will be enough to stop almost all of them.

If anyone else wants to throw their 2 cents in I would appreciate as much input as I can get.

Thanks much,


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