I failed to mention: we (


I failed to mention: we (me and my friend) edited this video for about 2 and half weeks at about 20 hours a week. Definitely costed US more than them. Again, 600 was out right THEFT! Get what you are worth based on your estimated time to edit, photoshop the hard case covers, stamp DVD’s, add music, menues, highlights, photo albums. Include your artistic value and the quality of the equipment used to do the project. Don’t forget the amount of your time that you will spend shooting the entire thing. I shot for about 15 hours (including the Sun Rise I captured on the church).

If you do a lot of weddings at the same church in your city, I suggest going there one day (not on a Sunday) when there is low traffic before the sun even begins to rise, and putting your cam on the time elapsed option so you can provide a Sun Rise on the Church to start off all of your projects. It really adds a lovely touch to all of your projects. Just make sure that you don’t go on a day when it is going to be raining or cloudy. And if it is on their wedding day, keep it out of the project!

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