I exported at: Format: Mic


I exported at:

Format: Microsoft Avi

Preset: NTSC DV

Video Codec: none

For cropped:

When I imported the video in it was WAY bigger than the provided frame (I chose Dv/NTC Widescreen), so I just resized it smaller, but only to the point that I could only have what I wanted showing showing. (the left part had to be cut off, it was destroying the composition of the video) Is there a way to change the settings to make adobe premier just inheirt the width X height of whatever I am importing in? I could do the cropping in flash.

My intentions:

The plan for this is to import the video into flash and be able to play it. I am attempting to make a series of video tutorials and want the vide I am importing in as sharp as the original mpeg (it is so sharp!) so that it looks nice in flash. The video will stream at 400 kbps.

I’m painfully new to this (I was basically ordered to learn about digital video to make this work by my boss, Im a web designer lol), so if you have any advice on where to start or a book I could get, that would be great.

Thanks so much for the reply!

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