I ended up buying the Bull


I ended up buying the Bullet DVR, and have to say that Sethtyler you were wrong on this one. The jacks are great, you just don’t know how to use them! They can only engage when aligned correctly, allowing you to make a “blind” connection, which is great when you’re wearing a helmet and can’t see what you’re doing. You probably didn’t know that and so you had a hard time mating the cables. But it’s a simple “twist-and-lock 90-degree” type of connector, very secure and easy to use.

Regarding video quality, i can’t compare with the XM-pro cause i never tried that one, but i did get to test it against a POV.1 and it was a clear winner. Thepicture qualityis just amazing, and again i think you forgot to change the settings to a high-resolution, because if you think the video looks bad then you were probably using a lower quality setting. Also the mpeg-2 high res setting, looks stunning when output to a DVD disc and watched on a large tv. If you try and watch it on you PC it’s not optimized for it.

I got the laptimer unit that plugs right into the side of the Bullet DVR. When i ride my bike on the track now, i can see my laptimes overlayed on the video recording, which i think is pretty freakin’ cool! I’ve had it for almost one year now and really like it, best recording system i’ve seen so far.

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