I dunno about the plus/min


I dunno about the plus/minus except that I have a Bogen set of sticks and purchased a bottom spreader when I acquired. I use it OFTEN and it is wonderful on floors or other flat surfaces.

Mid-level, knowing what I know now about the bottom spreader limitations on all but level, flat surfaces, would have likely been a better choice. What I HAVE done is acquire some hardware chain and snap clips and a sturdy ring and made my own mid-level spreader for those times when I’m out and about on uneven or other turf.

While the spikes on the bottom of my tripod firmly secure its placement, the spreader, of course, in the event of a footing slip or something, would keep the whole thing from collapsing on me mid-shoot. Yikes! I’ve also attached the chain spreader when I’ve somehow forgotten my bottom spreader, or left it in the car and it’s too late or too far to walk to get it, and no assistant or other person to send for it. The chain assembly fits easily into one of the two ditty bags I keep with me and ready at all times, though heavy I suppose, but it’s there in an emergency.

So, for more diversity of use and similar security, I would suspect either a commercially manufactured or custom-made mid-level spreader would come in handy more often than a bottom spreader. But I find myself shooting on flat, level turf most of the time I use my Bogen so I don’t use the mid-level creation often enough to make an informed comparison over time.

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