I downloaded and tried out


I downloaded and tried out the trial versions of most of the well known video editing software out there. I used thesame set of clips,applied the same enhancements and exported using the same criteria with each of these packages.

These programmes all displayed various pros and cons. Working with AVCHD footage causedmany of these programs to become unstable and even tocrash. With some programmes, trying to apply certain fairly simple functions would be rediculously complex to execute. Exporting/rendering in some cases were simply unacceptably slow. I have to add that I run a high spec pc which would negate hardware issues as being the cause of many of the problems encountered.

Fjclaus, if you have the time to download and evaluate many/most/all of these programmes, I strongly recommend that you do. You will be surprised what you find. Do not be misled by hype. There are some bad programmes, some good ones and some reallyGREAT ones. Settle on a programme that YOU deem appropriate for your requirements.

For what it’s worth, I settled on a programme called Serif MoviePlus X3. X3 has been lagging behind most of the more well known brands ito certain functionality. However, finally Serif is launching the long awaited new version called MoviePlus X5 (for some reason they decided to skip a version X4). Launch date is 7 Feb. Check it out then.

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