I doubt it’s Windows 7 (I


I doubt it’s Windows 7 (I have Vista 64 and XP 32 I’m trying it on and I have problems). I doubt it’s Windows-related. I think it’s either Adobe’s problem with codecs or a frame rate issue–but I’m not sure. I am also having the problem withPP CS4 but not with Pinnacle Studio.

FYI there is no sound in my video(the game cameras and the Brinno cam don’t record sound)–so I’d bet the problems are similar.

I’ve noticed that I do have one game camera that shoots AVI’s and those files work, though. It’s only the newer cameras (also shooting AVI’s) that have this trouble. I have AVI’s from a capture card, too, that work fine. So it’s not AVI’s only–just certain ones. I will run some more tests tomorrow and see if I can isolate the problem any further and we’ll see.

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