I DOP’d a wedding reality


I DOP’d a wedding reality TV series for five seasons and all our sound people used wireless microphones for the ceremony. When they had to follow the action they used a wireless mic as well as the shotgun on a boom pole. Often I would shoot on my own without a sound recordist and I’d use a wireless with a shotgun mounted on the camera. I was shooting with a Sony PD170, I don’t know if the <span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px” class=”Apple-style-span”>AG-DVC2000 </span>permits this kind of versatility. In general, your best bet is to have a dedicated sound recordist record and monitor sound independently (with external microphones and mixer). It’s an investment to be sure but well worth it. It’s how the pros do it. A shotgun mic has the most directional pick-up pattern of all microphones so it needs to follow the sound source, typically on a boom pole. When the action is not static and you have to follow it, at least have someone follow the sound with a shotgun on a boom pole (and an audio extension cable).


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