I don’t use Cinestyle or any


I don’t use Cinestyle or any other presets.
I prefer to expose properly and do any exposure changes/colour grading in post.

To adjust focus, I stay zoomed out all the way. I then zoom in digitally, adjust my focus, and then zoom back out, again digitally. I always check my focus manually after doing this just to ensure that the camera didn’t trick me.

Don’t worry about using Magic Lantern. The camera’s default settings always load if you don’t have Magic Lantern installed on the SD card that you’re using to record your video. I use it and LOVE it!

I shoot with a Canon T5i and the stock lens is, to put it politely, a piece of junk and not worth using. The first I did was to buy a few good lenses (1 zoom and 2 prime) and the quality difference was night and day πŸ™‚


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