I don’t understand why you


I don’t understand why you need a digital audio recorder? I know that certain videographers use them but using the shotgun microphone and a wireless lapel on the groom should be the minimum you need to record a wedding. A better way to record a wedding would be to have a 4 channel mixer that you can mix the house feed (if any), shotgun microphone, wireless lapel on groom, wireless lapel on clergy (if not available through house system).

If you use a digital recorder, you should be able to export/convert the file using the software that comes with the recorder or using Quicktime Pro to .wav or .mov (audio only). Then, import the file into FCE and all should be well. Just make sure you convert it at the same sampling rate as you recorded the footage (48k or 32k). If you don’t match the sampling rate, your audio will be out of sync over the course of the wedding.

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