“I don’t understand why th


“I don’t understand why this is a rip off…Photography competitions do
it all the time where you have to pay an entry fee, ie: competico.com.”


I never said it was a ‘Rip Off’. You did. I said that ‘you get paid for someone else’s work and they might (more like might not) win any prize money.’ Now that is an accurate description of your contest. Making music videos takes time, effort and money. Photography, Video contests and Film Festivals all as you say do this but it’s still a gip. If someone pays more to have their video made than your contest plans to pay out and let’s just say on the odd chance they win, what do they gain? They literally sold you a music video for $175! Last time I checked, that’s a loss of profit which also translates to ‘gip’. Again, you are the only one who gains. Do you plan on promoting the video? Are you planning to assist the creator in getting more gigs hopefully for more than $175? What about all the many other ‘non winners’ who gave you $2 for nothing? Again, you gain and they don’t. My task is to make sure anyone interested in entering this is informed beforehand. If they chose to do so, then so be it. Free will and all.

Now if you would like to consult with me for potential ‘ideas’ you can hire my services and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

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