I don’t think your “Low ba


I don’t think your “Low balling” it Birdcat. Depends on all involved. If I get a real estate call I’m on the road 15-30 min, at the house 30 min and on the road 15-30 min again then a 30min editing for a base line of 250, extras add more.

If I get a interview call its 600 a half day and I’m toting a lighting kit. If I get a fishing Pro call there is no half day. I’m hooking up my boat, mounting the boom in the back and heading out for lakes that may be a half day away, they get 4-6 hours of film time but the over all cost is 2,000 without editing and if I have to stay over night somewhere, they get that added as well and that does not include editing. I’ll be at the boat ramp a half hour before you and leave later for sure. Hunting trips are about the same as fishing, Duck hunters I cut a break to. They cater to you, feed you haul you around and you just have to bring your gear. They will cook you a breakfast that will nock your socks off in the blind.

I also do water birding tours for bird watchers. That’s very rewarding to take others out to film or photograph birds in the late winter around NC. I only charge 200 a person for that for the day and kids are free but its a 250 minimum to cover gas.

It all depends on what you have invested in the day I guess and what you get out of it.

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