I don’t think you’ll have


I don’t think you’ll have any problem with that camera – any good camera. Getting a good key is more dependent on the lighting, software and background. My experience has been that I bought far too small a key cloth. So I need to fix my talent in space for a good effect. I can get some good depth but no left right movement (walk on or off) because of the size – get too big a green screen and it’s tough to light too. If your next production is all green screen – and you haven’t bought one yet, think about how your talent will be choreographed for entrances and exits onto the scene. Not a big deal for a virtual set when you have people at tables or sitting on stools facing the camera.

Thereare all sorts of really great keying software programs. I’ve had no trouble with $100 Ulead, to ?$ Adobe Ultra & A.E. I mean, I’ve had no trouble since figuring out the lighting!

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