I don’t think you’ll be ab


I don’t think you’ll be able to capture as ProRes or 10-bit Uncompressed without a capture card, and it’s only really necessary if you will be applying a lot of graphics and/or color grading. And 10-bit uncompressed requires a fast RAID.

If you live in Europe, then yes, you have to capture as PAL, not NTSC. So go with DV-PAL. That’s what your footage was shot as if you live in Europe. Sorry, I think we were all under the impression that you live in the US.

I’m not sure how capturing in FCP will work with Premiere since I only use the FCP suite. If Premiere accepts .mov files, which it probably does, then you should be Ok.

“Sorry because maybe i’m asking too much and maybe some of it sounds stupid. i could choose the normal “send it to a tape convert shop” option but then i’ll never learn anything right?”

No worries. Everyone here is happy to help as long as you are polite, which you are.

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