I don’t think so. That’s


I don’t think so. That’s a consumer camera and those don’t have filter adaptions that I know of. Plus, the lens can’t be removed as far as I know. If the manual says "this is how you remove the lens so you can put in the fisheye or wide angle lens," then booya. Manuals will have a section on lenses and lens specs and filter specs. This Canon, has no filter specs. With a camera like this it might be best to work wtih composition of an image more than anything at this point. Three important things to know. Composition, contrast, and depth of field. You can make a shot look great without using a fisheye lens which, just my opinion, can look tacky. Out of curiosity what were you going to use the lens for?

If you’re a serious hobbiest and like Canon’s products check out the Canon XL series. Then you can really practice those things, use filters and different lenses, and have great video quality.

I hope I was some help.

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