“I don’t think it will tak


“I don’t think it will take too much, makeup wisde. Covering up some moles, blemishes, dark circlesaround theeyeswould definitely help.”

It’s not easy to accomplish what you think you need to do. Women who wear makeup spend a lot of time finding the right colour for their skin tone. It’s not a one colour fits all proposition to reduce but shine. That’s why I only carry the matte, I can’t carry or mix colours to suit everyone blemish or mole or dark circles.

Go with a girl to a “makeover” and ask a bunch of questions. Try different camera angles and lighting, there are some post filters that blur a little, I haven’t tried those though.

Now I’m wondering ifother videographers think it’s an issue. I mean, you do want your talent to look their best, it makes you look good too, but how much time and fuss do you put into it when you are on a low budget?


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