I don’t think either of th


I don’t think either of those will fit in my van.
robotic camera platforms, are not so far off the list of features one could ask for in a pro camera setup.
my rig can already do dolly moves, serve as a tripod, power lighting equipment, and recharge batteries, broadcast live video via Ichat or quicktime broadcaster, record dv and hdv direct to harddrive, and serve as a remote telepresence.

Having some of the programable features I mentioned, and more computer and web integration built into the cameras, may in fact become more desirable features as robotics become more popular. I don’t think many camera operators would scoff at the idea of having a remote controlled camera/tripod combo that could be controlled by say a bluetooth enabled phone.
live preview, pan, tilt, zoom, focus, exposure controlls at your finger tips. (I recall some posts on other threads about videographers not being able to move around to get shots…..remote enabled, programable cameras, discretely placed may become viable sooner rather than later).
How people use the equipment does weigh in to what what features we’ll all be asking for in the future.
So I don’t consider this thread to be totally hijacked.

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