I don’t think a few frames


I don’t think a few frames adrift after 40 minutes is unusual. I’ve never tracked it down to anything other than slight inconsistencies in the bit rate between equipment 48,000 samples a second, or 47,993? I just select a few re-sync moments in the files and then do a very short crossfade on the tracks to put them right. Very often as the slip is maybe 1 or two frames, you can re-sync the audio tracks visually by matching the peaks and troughs in the waveform. razor split the track, drag right to create a bit of space. find an identifiable peak, drag a frame or two to match the others. Rarely any more than this. The go back to the gap, extend the track to fill and then add the crossfade. Takes very little time. My projects tend to be 3 or 4 cameras and continuous recording of 45-60 mins. I expect at least one re-sync in each section. Occasionally there’s no need, but it’s pretty common I’ve found.

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