I don’t suppose you live


I don't suppose you live close and can come over here and tell me what I'm doing wrong? ;-D


Somehow PP would not read the Pinnacle capture in m2v format, even though PP should so…I'm stumped.  And it captured the audio tracks separately, which I wouldn't mind but it just wouldn't see the video file.  I wish I knew what I was doing wrong but am stuck on that one.


Now….I did try the PP capture function again and had better luck this time (using Pinnacle box between cam and PC) on a different laptop.  So eliminating the used laptop I just bought for this purpose from the process for now was more promising – Pinnacle seems preferable.  


That said, it seemed to capture but the clip(s) are not appearing in the project list in PP.  I must be doing something wrong but have gone back through a tutorial again and I am following step by step same process.  


Fortunately I have no external deadline on this project or I'd be screwed!  Sigh…

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