>>>”I don’t see h


>>>”I don’t see how upscaling SD will look any good with in an HD project without up-converting with some hardware. It’s like enlarging a picture in Photoshop; it starts too look crappy when you enlarge it too much. It’s your call though.”

I understand what you’re saying Rob….I thought the same thing, but then I actually tried it and and saw no difference in quality on a standard HD TV.

I believe ProRes and Cineform will restore 4:2:2 chroma which will help even more.

I’ve never used any other type of conversion software so I can’t really make a comment on there performance.

Now, even though it looked normal on a normal HD TV or HD computer monitor, I suspect that there may be some artifacts on larger screens or large projections.

try it outRob….if not, I can send you a fileI converted and you can compare with the original.

>>>”I think the makers of those programs assume that if an editor plans on doing any really audio editing, they will use a program made specificallyfor audio editing, and I can tell you that Soundtrack Pro and Logic Pro do a hell of a job.”

Yes, I agree that dedicated audio programs will be better….I’m just saying thatVegas offers apleasantaudio editinginterface that many people prefer over FCP andPremiere Pro. I believe Vegas initially started as an audio editing program if I’m not mistaking and offers a little extra. Either way, sony has a nice credible background in the audio world.

I still use FCP and Premiere for some more than basic editis…But Vegas has impresed me lately. I just want to give them credit too.

Besides I would leave truly complex audio edits to the real audio professionals that use super beefed up rigs….Those guys are amazing….They can hearfrequencies beyond the human range….it is a gift.

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