I don’t remember the first


I don’t remember the first guy, but the second one was in India. πŸ™‚ He spoke fantastic English, thankfully. I guess that makes him safe from my wrath!

Thanks for all your help. I did somehow get it to download via the USB (don’t know why it didn’t in the first place), but I imagine the quality wouldn’t be good enough to send back to the camera for full-screen tv viewing and sending to people on video tape. It’s ok for putting on a web page, which is a big part of what I needed. But I’d have liked to have been able to do high-quality video to put on a VCR tape.

I’ll check and see what I have for room back there, and may buy a port. If not, I’ll wait until next time and make sure I get what I want. The Multimedia version is apparently only the version of Windows I got, and has nothing to do with hardware. I don’t need the multimedia version of Windows from the looks of it since I don’t hook up to a TV and use the remote with the computer. My TV screen is bigger than my computer, so it seems sort of useless to do that.

I got suckered, it sounds like. πŸ™‚


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