I don’t quite understand your


I don’t quite understand your need for a training programme, if you have a degree in TV and Film production? All you are missing is some elements of camera operation and editing. The only difference nowadays is that tape is gone, and you shoot to solid state media, which you stick into the computer. If you are computer literate, this is simply copying and managing files, which presumably you do all the time? Your choice of editor is personal preference. what did you use in 2002? I’m guessing Avid, Premiere or Final cut – they are all still around, in newer versions. Even if you learned on tape, the basic functions are the same. All the current editors have demo versions or cut down cheaper versions to start on. It really is a case of experimenting. All the old techniques you learned still apply.

Think like a 16 year old. borrow any digital camera, stick some software on your computer and try it out. You will either like it or hate it. Try something else. My wife is computer phobic. She has terrible trouble using word, yet show her a few simple techniques and she can assemble edit – it’s not hard to pick up the essentials. Join a local video club – many of those are quite approachable.

On your editing question it really varies. If you want simple graphics then its minutes. If you want animated images, then it can be days. One project I did was costed out and worked pretty well I thought – then the client wanted to add a short sequence showing how an industrial washing machine worked. This took four days animating and polishing. So when you say a graphics based commercial – what do you mean? DO you already have experience of producing graphics – maybe you are a photoshop user? If you are, then your editing platform perhaps should also be adobe as they integrate so tightly. So much of what you need depends on detail, which we don’t have.

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