I don’t put my location on

AvatarGrinner Hester

I don’t put my location on my site as it just doesn’t matter where I am… I’m an email away from any client on the world and I have a current passport if I need to shoot on the other side of the globe. I do list my social networking sites because I pitch turn key as campaigns and they can serve as examples or at the very least let new clientele know I am hip to their needs today. I keep in plain and simple with just images and html so it’s friendly for all… especially mobile. NEVER have I put price points on my site. We can talk about it when they call me. Truth is, I don’t work by the hour much anymore and flat bids are how I can bring my rates back up to where they were before the depression began. I boast my reel and list a small number of clients I have worked with over the years and those are what seperate me from other freelancers or production companies a browser my be seeking. I targeted my key words not based on what I do, but based on what I prefer to do. Therefor most of the new clientele that finds me through search engines are interested in original programming, motorsports, or EPKs/Music videos. Same with my reel. I show what I want to do more of.

All this said, all we are talking about here is what kind of bait you use when fishing. That’s not how to gain new clients. Yes they’ll trickle in (just a few a year) but to obtain new clientele you’ll have to market yourself much more aggressivly than just dropping a line in the water and waiting. If new in business, you’ll flood your market with post cards week one. You’ll know you’ll not be getting any responses from these but you’ll also know when you start cold0calling wekk two, your name will be familiar. You’ll hit every schoozefest in town and there are plenty to hit every week. When you see a need… like a horrible local or regional spot, you’ll know that’s who you need to call because that’s someone you can obviously help… they just don’t know it yet. When they explain they got the production for nada because it was worked into the media buy, you’ll politly explain that’s why you are calling… because the bottom of the barell image is not how they really want to present themselves. You’ll be flexible and creative with your flat bids and you’ll always give em more than what they were expecting. Once ya get a new client in the door you’ll know you have them forever… because you are better than anyone else in your market and you’ll seal a new booking before they split that day.

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