I don’t particularly care


I don’t particularly care for em.

I have organized them. I’ve participated in them.

The politicing and backstabbing………Your last client is your best and least expensive marketing opportunity.

However that doesn’t answer your question…..

When doing the shows ( I do photo and video)… I like to keep my booths open…as in “walk in” not me sitting behind a table.

When they make eye contact walk out there and greet them, invite them in.

I put my table (white cloth, over standard folding table, with white xmas “Icicle” lights covered with white plastic tableskirt, to let the light show through) up against the wall, on it an iMac running a keynote presentation with a large flat panel running a video demo. surrounded by 20×30 photos mounted on white foamcore. I have a couple leatherbound wedding albums on the table. I have all my marketing materials ready.

I also take one string of white xmas lights and a couple dozen white 4inch ballons (which get tied together in pairs, and twisted over the light string) to create an arch over my display area entrence. (paper wedding bells at the top of the arch.

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