I don’t own one of those s


I don’t own one of those systems you talk about, but I have a fairly similar workflow to yours.

I print on Verbatim hub printable discs with my Epson printer. I get great results and have done a few quick tests. The ink seems to dry very rapidly on the disc so it doesn’t rub off on a disc put right on top. However, I still let my discs dry for about 24 hours before stacking them or trying to play them just because I’m paranoid :-P. Actually, since I’m usually putting them into DVD cases, I generally stick them in the DVD case and leave it open over night.

I’m not positive about this, but I think they recomend you wait 24 hours to guarantee the ink is dry (since they don’t know how humid your area is, etc). If it wasn’t completely dry and you tried to read it, the disc could warm up from spinning and the laser and the ink could get all over the insides of your DVD drive. That’s just my guess- I don’t have any data to back that up.

So in any case I think you’d be fine stacking them up, but if you’re worried about it, why not just leave them out to try before stacking? It certainly can’t hurt :-P.

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