I don’t make decision on first appearance


the free hosting service used a domain that doesn't register with WWW first, it is in their database as Http: on wix, ie takes the HTTP in the adresss when you copy and paste, but every time I copy the addess into chrome it goes to WWW not http://Jknight392, this causes the server not to recognize the address in Chrome and give a 404 error, this is because chorme is designed to be for users who are not web masters 


The paid hosting version I will be using is very reliable, once I put in my own domain, http://www.knightmedia.us, it will be viewable on all browsers, even mobile, in fact i already can view my website on my phone because it is HTML5, this means the entire site loads on any mobile browser smoothly, on top of it wix has a extra feature to make a second layout for mobile. once I pay 7.99 a month and connect my own domain it will be viewable on all browsers and devices. to add validity to claim, 22,756,521 sites have been created with wix.com, thats alot, and shows they are a great resource


the ability for website to be seen is not a problem, I did the research on wix and their servers have a 99% up time compared to other comparable hosting services, 7.99$ is a reasonable price per month, and their site builder is by far the best, which is why millions use it. I'm not degrading word press, I'm saying wix gives me a much more professional look because I can achieve things in it I wouldn't be able to do on word press with much more learning time


I am very capable at researching every option and then I always compare cost, time, and final out come


when I decided to design my own website I looked at 5 options, joomla, wordpress, wix, all myself with dreamweaver, or a html editor 



this is what I figured out, I could almost get anything I wanted on wix, without having to learn code, it was the fastest option to achieve what i wanted, and it was free


I appreciate your input earl, it is well balanced good approach, but if I don't follow it, it's not because I am a young arrogant 20 something that won't listen, but because everything I do I research first, I have spent literally 100hours researching camera technology to the point where I know tons about it, that way I could properly pick the best camera for the best money


What I do need help with, is web design idea's, when I finish the design I kinda just draw a blank about what other people are gonna think of it, and if it will look good to the rest of the population, so far ive gotten almost all positive reviews about the design I used, which means I will probably go with this design style.


Thanks for your time though earl, I appreciate it


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