I don’t know this camera but


I don’t know this camera but I can give you a general caveat: be sure that the iris and zoom are not coupled. We shoot a great deal of theatre production. We have two Sony NX5U HD cameras. The image quality is excellent. However, in manual mode the zoom and iris are linked. As you zoom the iris will settle on f 3:4 and stay there. You can’t change it while shooting. This can be very disconcerting if you’re shooting a follow spot scene and the spot goes out and lighting suddenly becomes dark and gloomy. You can’t open up to f 2:8 or f 2:0. You can stop down from f 3:4 but you can’t open up.

The work around for us has been to shoot mainly in auto with the gain locked down. It works, but often requires quite a bit of tinkering in post. Hopefully someone else on the forum will have had experience with the camera you’re contemplating and can advise on their experiences.

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