I dont know if your blu ra


I dont know if your blu ray player supports the wmv file format or not but if it does, The settings i’v found to have some of the best results from, is the wmv 9. When you go to render select “windows media video V9” under the “save type as” then go to the template and select “8mbps HD 1080-30p video” then click custom so we can change a few of its settings. When you open up “custom” in the Project tab select “best” for the video render quality. Now on to the Audio tab, select which ever one you want, I usualy go with the highest quality cbr and320kbps. Now in the video tab, in “Mode” select the “CBR 2-pass” in Image size keep the “high deffinition 1440×1080” nowSlide the video smoothness to 100% (sharpest) ok now onto the Bit Rate tab,in the “internet/lan” type in 10M instead of the 8 it has now. And thats it click ok, and render.

Let me know how it comes out, I’v had absolutely wonderful results with it.

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