I don’t know if it would h


I don’t know if it would hurt anything that much, especially on newer computers. I do like the separation though. On my computer I can have 3-4 instances of Vegas open and rendering and it really does not have much impact on each individual render speed (now if they could just harness all that power and aim it at one render to speed it up and go 3x its speed – obviously Vegas is not using the computer to it’s full potential during renders and I have all my settings at max CPU threads and max RAM etc set) and DVD Architect iteself I don’t think is a very heavy load either.

Now when I have renders going, the playback on other instances of vegas is affected, so I like to finish 3-4 sections of a wedding video at a time and then set them all to do batch renders while I am away (BD, DVD, AC3). Good luck doing this with any Adobe product!

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