I don’t know if I should


I don’t know if I should be giving advice on this subject, but you could check out bhphotovideo.com and browse through their monitors and judge it based on your price range, and then compare more specifically from there. They can be found by clicking on the”Video Professional” category of their menu.I’ve heard afair amountto check ebay. As far as a specific model I don’t have a clue – I assume the more expensive they get the more options (NTSC and pal,4:3 and widescreen, tweaking features like color, etc.)they come with and the size increases.

The plugging in situation i’m not sure about either, but I think you sometimesget more plug in options as the price increases too. I’d think you could plug in either from a video card, firewire, or your camera to the monitor. So I would think it definitly comes with composite jacks. Maybe S-video as well.

Hopefully you’ll get help from someone more qualified. Good luck.

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