I don’t imagine I’m follow


I don’t imagine I’m following the beaten path on this one. I now have two cameras, an FX1 and an HC3. Both are HD, but the HC3 is a consumer camera. I justified buying the HC3 because:

1. It would simply sit on the tripod.
2. I felt that shrinking the footage of an SD would limit me too much, and that having 1080i would do the trick.
3. I don’t need an significant onboard microphone.
4. I don’t need it to do anything special.
5. The most important thing is image quality.
6. I like the idea of keeping everything HD.
7. I like the idea of my clients knowing everything is HD.

I paid $923, and hope I don’t regret it. My huge concerns are lighting (it’s 5-lux), and finding that important features are not adjustable.

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