I don’t do forums but felt


I don’t do forums but felt so strong about this one that I had to do it. PINNACLE software is FATALLY FLAWED and the most maddening steaming pile of buggy code ever to dupe well meaning editors. The interface is more interested in extracting more money from users (add-ons and plug ins) than in editing anything, and not even Big Blue could run this company’s crap, because it’s not about your hardware, it’s about greed and knowingly selling defective software. After freezing, hanging and crashing a year and a half trying to get Pinnacle 8,9, and 10 to work, I quit. Bought Sony Vegas and finished the project in a month (including learning the software!) Have now switched to Final Cut Studio, and will never look back, but had to this time even if only to save one soul. Do yourself a favor and stay way way far away from Pinnacle.

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