I do not think DIYers will


I do not think DIYers will take away from the Pros. Look at photography. Anyone can get a good digital camera and snap pictures but special events still hire professional photographers for the job. The same will go for Vidographers for a long time to come


I can see something like what iTunes does in video rental today propigating.

An on-line rental that does something like Birdcat’s suggestion, rent a single streamed showing,or any number of streamed showings over a fixed period of time, based on the fee. The service monitors your use and regulates it accordingly.

Or you can buy a download, like any other software, that would require you to enter an access code the first time it is run. Then it’s yours to play back any time after that. You could have “redbox” type kiosks located anywhere, They would would be electronicly updated with movies either over something like WiMax or hardline. You plug in you storage device pay the fee and it loads the video onto it. The reciept could have a website/800 number to get the access code from to be able to load it and run it when you get home.

The professional could do some things similar to the above. Web downloads could be paid for by the copy or unlimited for a fixed time period to be available. Theevent organizeris given an acess code, (as stack of printed business cards with site and code on it?) that could be specific to that event, they can share with thier group to go download it. The site can offer hardcopy for a moderate price for those that choose that route once they log in.

I know there would be ways to hack these but if the distribution is such that no hard product has to be designed, manufactured,and/orfreighted anywhere, the savings would meanit could be priced at the point the hack effort is not worth it.

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