?I do not have any first h


?I do not have any first hand experience with this product, but I think I remember somebody recommending it in the forum somewhere, for use as a backdrop.


Product Description:

Black Vinyl backed Velour, known as Tuff-lock or Tough Lock.?Measures 58″ x 24′. Unlike Duvetyne, our black velvet like velour is designed to be seen by the camera, unlike Duvetyne. It’s an economical product for the use of blocking light in non -heat critical situations. In other words, do not use this product as you would black wrap, or where you are not utilizing the flame retardant qualities of Duvetyne.

The velour surface absorbs light and the camera will record a rich pure-black image. Great for shooting jewelry or other highly reflective objects.

This product in not fire retardant. Ships as “oversize 1” so the shipping costs are slightly higher than regular sized products. Weighs 6 pounds.

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