I do hundreds of them each


I do hundreds of them each year, but I also offer and provide projection services as well making this an easier sale. I practically GIVE away the montages because they usually bring me the income I want from the projection, and I make an average of $150 additionally from the 5-6 average number of digital master DVD copies I sell.

The money being in the projection and duplication, I offer 24-hour turnaround from time of receipt of materials (hard copy photos and/or digital Jpeg files on CD, or a mix of both, the occasional slide or so), I charge $125 for production of the master DVD. I allow for “up to” 150 images, three songs, opening/closing title, custom graphics on the DVD and a custom insert in ultrathin DVD case.

My family clients average 80-to-100 images, but there are a few who go higher. Average length of the project is 8 minutes, a number of them go to 12 minutes, and the rare person who doesn’t care about driving their guests to apoplexy will go beyond the 20-minute mark. I try to dissuade them, but I give them what they want, and charge $2 for each additional photo over 150, plus $5 for each song beyond 3. They provide their OWN purchased commercial CDs with the songs they want.

I built my relationship with area funeral services providers by proving myself over the long haul. I have managed to serve them well, deliver when needed and have guaranteed and stood by my 24-hour turnaround. Consequently, most of the counselors I’ve worked with now give me a week or more (most of the time) lead time.

Keep in mind that my funeral memorial montage business hinges on getting the projection services as well. On average I make about $600 per memorial, spend 3 hours, give or take, on creating the montage DVD product, and up to 3 hours (setup, projection, breakdown) on location – $100 per hour works for me.

You can find a number of useful articles regarding not only montage production, but projection and memorial service, as well as funeral videotaping and production at my blog: E.C. Come, E.C. Go Check it out!

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