I do hundreds of memorial


I do hundreds of memorial montage projections a year for area funeral homes. This is my setup: Samson amplified speaker (I used to set up two, the Sampson with built in amp, and a Sampson slave unit, on stands on each side of the screen, but with the size of the venue it served no purpose so far as true stereo separation – so now I use only the amplified speaker, usually on the floor and not on a stand at all) with a 35′ RCA pin plug cable feeding from a small DVD player unit audio out to the speaker RCA inputs; I feed the S-video output from the player into a Panasonic/or Epson 2000 lumens projector, throwing the image on a 6′ x 8′ t-stand model screen from Screenworks. I use a projection stand with screw-in legs adjustable for height. My total system is set up and tested in less than 20 minutes. Sound is good, and I don’t have to worry about depending on anything from anybody.

Panasonic ran me $1,250; Sampson system about $1,000; Screen & black skirt & projection stand about $1,000; player $27 πŸ™‚

I had an earlier model InFocus 1200 lumens that ran me more than $2k, but it got stolen and I replaced it with the Panasonic. I also recently purchased an Epson for about $650 as an emergency (now I have a backup) when the lamp on the Panasonic exceeded its hours and wouldn’t come on. I didn’t have time to change lamps, so ran to Staples and picked up the Epson for a save.

I have projected on sheets hung over a wire, seriously white walls, the wide sides of buildings and even used the side of a white delivery truck at an evening outdoor event after somebody stole my original screen. Whatever works. Once, in an experiment to see if I could do something like what they do at Disneyland, I set up a sprinkler system and actually projected a video onto the cascading water. Yes, was far enough away to avoid oversplash.

I paid for my initial investment in less than six months, and now average $30K or better a year with projection and montage production work. It is a significant part of my monthly cash flow, and business bottom line. Projections bring in between $350 and $500 as a rule, depending, and on the number of hours I have to hang aroujnd until showtime, then wait to break down, if I cannot do so during the next phase of the event due to disturbance, etc. I almost always get another gig during each gig, and the montage productions are anything but fancy, generally bringing in an average of 8 orders at $25 a pop. Nice work when you can get it.

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