I do freelance work shooti


I do freelance work shooting events for television. Recently I was hired to cover a ceremony at the official residence of the President of my country. I shoot with two cameras: camera one is on the speaker at the podium and camera two (handheld) on the audience.My assistant, a comely lass in her twenties, was on camera one and I on camera two. It was while His Excellency was speaking that I saw my assistant trying to tell me something from across the room. I walked across to her. “I want some water,” she said as I reached her. Now this was President’s House and the President was speaking,where was I to get water? I thought. Just then, without warningshe startedfalling backwards. I tried grabbing her but she slipped through my hands and fell to the wooden floor with a loud thump. The President stopped talking and everybody turned around. Newspaper photographers started snapping pictures. With some assistance I lifted her to a nearby couch. Two doctors were on hand and examined the fainted girl. When she came to, we beat a hasty retreat. I was feeling so embarrased. This girl always works for me and of all places she would choose to faint away was at the President’s House. Now when we remember the incident we just have a good laugh.

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