I do agree with you but I


I do agree with you but I don’t see paying money to learn what I can learn for free. I learn by observation. I’m always learning new things from others. There’s nothing wrong with joining WEVA for that reason. I simply meant that it would be nice to be associated with "qualified" videographers because, let’s face it, the majority of WEVA videographers is anything but qualified. If they are accomplishing that goal of "improve the general knowledge and bring more to the community as a whole" then why are there so many bad videographers out there? I guess I’m just frustrated because when I talk to someone about video, they assume that my product is just like any other out there and no better than uncle Bob can do. I would like that to change. I’m not saying I’m against WEVA and I didn’t mean offense to WEVA members at all, it’s just not worth it to me.

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