I do agree with you. And y


I do agree with you. And your re-writes of the original blog post are very true.

And while I don’t like a lot of the videos posted on Youtube because I think they are garbage (not because of they way they were filmed or the 7 deadly video-making sins), I have one thing to say to people with my opinion of the their content.

“If you don’t like what is on YouTube, then don’t watch it!” Those people have the right to post what they want.

Same thing goes to people who are up in arms against certain books, TV shows, Movies (at the theatre), and Porn.

“If you don’t like it then don’t look at it (or watch it).” It’s as easy as that. Don’t tell me what I’m allowed to look at or watch.

Thanks for bringing this blog post to our attentions. I was a music major in college.I had a professor of 20th century music. He asked us to analyze a song and I said it sounded like the sound track to a horror movie. Well let’s just say that I got ripped a new one for that for the remainder of the semester.

At the end of the semester, I brought in an example of a horror movie soundtrack… and guess what?It was the exact same song. By the same composer.

What did he have to say to that?Not much.

Musical snobs… Video snobs… Culinary snobs… They’re everywhere in every line of work. In the artistic field, engineering, blue collar, everywhere.

We just have to remember that this is America and we have the right to express ourselves in anyway we see fit, whether others like it or not.

Case in point in the link below: While I don’t agree with it, they do have the right to do it in this country. And while I DO NOT agree with people whoburn flags… In this country, you should have the right to do it.


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