I do a lot of freelance vi


I do a lot of freelance video editing and production work to supplement my income. I’ve been pretty consistently able to charge by the production instead of individual tasks (similar in idea to getting the lump sum to make a film). However, I now have a dilema that I need this community’s help with.

A small business owner just asked me to meet with him this Saturday (9-3-05 at 5:00pm EST) to discuss the production of some (4-6) promotional five minute videos for his Fishing Outfitter adventure trips.

As the production will be quite extensive in time commitment for me, I was wondering what to charge the guy for my shooting time. How do I figure the time expendature into the video cost. I can usually plan, shoot, and rough cut for a five, minute info-promo in a three-day weekend.

This can’t be shot exactly to a stone-set plan due to the unpredictable nature of Fishing in general. In other words, I’ll probably have all my cutaways, reactions, establishings, etc…shot long before the fish arrive.

All the ads, promos, docs, etc that I’ve done so far have been shot on tightly regimented schedules, thus allowing me to provide an upfront estimate on cost rather easily. Any suggestions for shooting time pay for this specific job?

I’d like to have him do a percentage downpayment before we begin, so I can rent some extra (water related) equipment and stuff. (is a downpayment like that unreasonable?)

If this sounds ridiculous to you, keep in mind that I’ve beeen able to charge by “finished product” up until now, so the rates could be kept in better perspective to both me and my customers. New rules for me apply to this project. any help would be appreciated, especially from the gurus of this board like “compusolver”, “WalterGraff”, or “TheDVshow”. Thanx.

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