I disagree. He should NOT


I disagree. He should NOT capture uncompressed. Uncompressed video requires a RAID, which I’m assuming he doesn’t have. If he was trying to capture in iMovie, that indicates to me that he is a novice and isn’t going to be doing anything wild that even requires uncompressed video.He should capture in the DV-NTSC format – capture in the format that was recorded.

I do agree that you should be judging the quality of your image on a TV and not a computer screen, but I don’t think you’re going to be connecting your XLR connections to a TV for audio. I believe those connections on that camera are inputs, not outputs. Also, note that just because you shot with an XL1, doesn’t mean your footage won’t look like handycam footage. Good shooting requires experience and knowledge of how to use the gear. Simply using the gear doesn’t guarantee professional results.

As for the Sony RED comment, I’m pretty sure Sony has nothing to do with RED. Sony and RED are two different brands, and RED was created by the guy who started Oakley. And the RED files are, in fact, compressed. If their 4K resolution was truly uncompressed, the file sizes would be about 35GB per minute, but I understand the point you were making there.

In my opinion, if you have FCP, capture and edit in that.

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